Land Thieves Turned Rental Agents?


Jenks High School's Jarrett Lake

Not surprising to this writer, the best high school football coach in the state of oklahoma – Allan Trimble, of Jenks High School – self-suspended himself (along with disciplinary measures for two more school sports administrators) today for helping provide a living arrangements for HS transfer, Jarrett Lake, who was also a future Bob Stoops and oklahoma sooners football commit. Not only was Lake given special housing arrangements, he was actually ineligible to play last season (and played in 8 games anyway), and to-date this season, he hasn’t played a single game. Because of his play last year, Jenks High School will have to forfeit nine games from its 2008 football season. Despite all of these accusations and disclinary measures, it sounds as though oklahoma will honor Lake’s scholarship offer, despite his lack of play this season or the trouble this incident has caused. Of course they will. Really did we expect anything different from Stoops?

First, cheating for land. Then, cheating at a car dealership. Now, cheating at the apartment rental office. Obviously, Bob Stoops’ recruiting efforts at the college level are rolling down to the high school level. Perhaps “boomer sooner” stands for every sooner recruit blowing up their chances of ever being successful at the next level; save Adrian Peterson – who was from Texas and kinda of knew better.

It’s unbelievable what high school sports are coming to. Eyes Of TX remembers clearly the blatant accusations that my high school supposedly recruited top basketball and football players from other areas around the state or country. To this day, that seems unreasonable and far-fetched, more importantly it was never proven. But, who knows what goes on behind the scenes at many elite high school or college programs in today’s environment?


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