Texas “Combing The Desert” For Running Game

Yes, Spaceballs had it right. Perhaps Rick Moranis and his “Dark Helmet” clan were looking for the Texas running game as they were “combing the desert.”

This (picture below) is both self-explanatory and pathetic. Texas can’t even figure out which way is downfield. They’re tackling themselves. Mack Brown, Mac McWhorter and Major Applewhite need to sit down and figure out what is going on with the running game. After several seasons of a less than mediocre running game, this is just unbelievable.

If Texas can’t find a sembelence of a running game before January, they’re in trouble on the national scene. The ‘Horns need to get the ground game in order in “ludacris speed.”


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Filed under Big 12, Longhorns, NCAA Football

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