College Football: Week 11 Viewing Guide

Only a few weeks remain before the conference championship games. Some teams still have some tough games ahead while others just have to maintain and avoid a stumble. The most important game this weekend is arguably Utah at TCU, with the Horned Frogs in position to turn the BCS on its head. But, there’s lots of other goodies too. As always, check your coverage maps, and all rankings are the current BCS standings. Now, here’s your week 11 viewing guide!

Coverage Maps:
BCS Rankings:

7:30 PM ET
#24 South Florida at Rutgers, ESPN
Remember that year the Rutgers were good? South Florida gets a break by taking on the Scarlet Knights after three straight games against ranked opponents. Wonder if the Rutgers students will storm the field if they win?

8:00 PM ET
West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati, ESPN2
Cincinnati held on to win last week and may have been exposed. The Bearcats are facing some of the toughest competition in the Big East right now and will have to find a way to hold off the overlooked Mountaineers. There are only six unbeaten teams left, and the Bearcats are sitting at the bottom of that list.

12:00 PM ET
#3 Texas at Baylor, FSN and Comcast Sports Net
Check your listings to see where this one will be broadcast. It should be a sat-padding throttling yet no team should be overlooked, even one that has lost 11 straight to the ‘Horns and wears diarrhea colored uniforms.

#7 Georgia Tech at Duke, ESPN2
Not much else to get excited about with the early games, so if you can’t find Texas game, check this out. Georgia Tech is the best in the ACC, though not by much. It’s kind of like being the coolest guy at Comic Con.

12:30 PM ET
Missouri at Kansas State, Versus
Mizzou has taken a fall this season, but this game has major implications on the Big 12 North race with K-State leading the standings and Nebraska right on their heels.

3:30 PM ET
#1 Florida at South Carolina, CBS
Steve Spurrier gets to take on his former team at home. South Carolina has already taken down one top five team at home this season, and even though they got waxed by Alabama, you can bet that this is the game they’ve been looking forward to all year.

#10 Iowa at #11 Ohio State, ABC/ESPN
This is the game for all the marbles in the Big 10. The winner will be the presumptive rep in the BCS this year. Woo hoo. Cincinnati, this is your complaint if you don’t get in a big post-season game.

(Also in this slot on ABC/ESPN are #14 Miami at North Carolina, while Nebraska at Kansas will be on ABC. Check the coverage map for your area.)

7:00 PM ET
#2 Alabama at Mississippi State, ESPN
Mississippi State shouldn’t be overlooked, they’ve played spoiler before. The Tide have also looked vulnerable, and without the incompetence of Lane Kiffin and the benefit of some horrible calls, they likely wouldn’t remain unbeaten. The Tide’s time will come. Mark my words.

7:30 PM ET
#16 Utah at #4 TCU, CBS College Sports
How did ESPN not pick up this game with the way they’ve been giving TCU a verbal lap dance for the last few weeks? This is arguably the toughest game on TCU’s schedule and the last road bump on what could be a BCS appearance. Although Mike Wilbon would have you believe that early season wins at Virginia and Clemson are a barometer for a worthy national title contender, this game coupled with their win over BYU are the true tests of their worth. With TCU’s new uniforms this week, wouldn’t you be intimidated?

8:00 PM ET
Texas Tech at #19 Oklahoma State, ABC
No team has gotten a raw deal like the one Okie State has. Their only two losses have come from current #3 Texas and #15 Houston (teams with a combined record of 17-1), yet they will likely miss out on an at large BCS bowl bid despite the opportunity to finish with only one Big 12 loss. Consider this: LSU actually went UP in the polls after their loss to Alabama last weekend, and USC continues to rise while they’ve lost to two teams with a combined record of 10-8. Only those in Big 12 country will get to see this one; everyone else will have to suffer through Notre Dame at #12 Pittsburgh.

10:15 PM ET
Arizona State at #13 Oregon, ESPN
A little Pac-10 night cap to carry you over into next week.

Thanks to LilPete for his ongoing contribution of the weekly viewing guide.



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