Texas Longhorn Football’s New Uniforms

As alluded to in last week’s game preview, the Texas Longhorns will debut the new Nike Pro Combat uniforms in their final regular-season game on Thursday night in College Station against the Texas A&M Aggies.

The uniforms, which have been donned by several other major NCAA football programs over the last several weeks, have been received with mixed reviews from fans. The TCU Horned Frogs revised uniforms, for instance, are pretty awesome. The Texas garb (based on the team’s “away” white uniforms), however, won’t look much different to the average fan. See more here.

Most notably, keep an eye out for the throw-back helmets, with the player’s number above the Longhorn emblem. The pants, meanwhile, sport a revised logo on the hip that has the state of Texas in burnt orange, with the Longhorn and the letters “DKR” embedded within, as a tribute to the Longhorns former coach Darrell K. Royal. For more perspective, check out this video from Nike on the Texas uniforms.

Not much change, but if it makes the players feel and play faster, then every fan should be excited.


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