KU’s Football Coach “Resigns”

After a three week investigation in to whether or not Kansas’ football head coach Mark Mangino verbally and/or physically abused his players, sources are telling ESPN that he officially resigned and/or was fired this evening, and a team meeting is expected late Thursday night.

While the investigation may prove Mangino a guilty party in the accusations, it is unfortunate to see Mangino leaving Lawrence. With a 50-48 record during his tenure, including a 12-1 season and Orange Bowl victory in 2007, this is disappointing news not only to the KU faithful, but to the Big 12 as a whole. Mangino brought the KU football program back to prominence, especially in the lackluster Big 12 North division, and while his attitude and conduct may have been to his detriment in Lawrence, he brought the fight back to a fledging KU football program that was consistently overshadowed by Bill Self’s basketball squad.

Surely, Mangino will re-surface in the NCAA ranks in the coming weeks (hello, Notre Dame). In the meantime, he surely has a chance to join the next season of the Biggest Loser.

Kansas football coach Mark Mangino

If not the “Fighting Manginos” than what?


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