Fantastic hits from the bowl season…

Although the Big 12 Conference and Oklahoma State didn’t pull the victory – a 21-7 loss, and 12 turnovers in the game, really? – this was one of the better hits in the 2009 college football bowl season thus far. Well done, Markelle Martin.

Unfortunately for Jevan Snead, in addition to getting nailed in this clip, he also didn’t have the season he had hoped for in 2009. If he’s smart, he’ll stay another year at Ole Miss before declaring for the NFL draft…he could use it.

Or, maybe he should have stuck around Texas – although on the bench – to have a shot at a national championship ring.



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2 responses to “Fantastic hits from the bowl season…

  1. Jerry

    Vicious! Talk about adding insult to injury…literally. What do you think? Cheap shot by the OSU defense?

    • eyesoftx

      No way. Clean hit. Snead hasn’t felt something like that since he got drunk in HS and fell out of a deer blind from 20 feet up.

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