Bradford, McCoy Top QB Scores On NFL’s Wonderlic Test

As opposed to the Vince Young debacle of four years ago, when the national championship-winning quarterback scored a 6 on his first attempt at the Wonderlic test, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy had a “respectable” showing in his NFL Combine Wonderlic test scores this week according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The test, composed of 50-questions and administered in 12 minutes, assesses a player’s overall aptitude, and is especially important for quarterbacks, offensive lineman, and linebackers who must make quick decisions.

McCoy had the second-best score of this year’s quarterback class with a 25, but the leading score was from oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford who scored a 36. Other quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft class, including Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen (23) and Florida’s Tim Tebow (22) scored lower. The average player scores, on average, a 20 on the exam.

Will this increase McCoy’s draft status over the paparazzi-status of Clausen or Tebow? Could Bradford’s score elevate him to the top of the draft? It remains to be seen, but Young’s final Wonderlic score of 15 didn’t affect him being taken as the 3rd player in that draft to the Tennessee Titans (and becoming a two-time Pro Bowl selection in his first four years in the league).

Thoughts? How much impact does a player’s Wonderlic test score have on the player’s success in the NFL?


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