Texas H.S. Basketball Player…NOT!

In an interesting turn of events, a “sophomore” basketball player for Permian (Odessa, TX) High School has been charged with failing to identify himself to a police officer and arrested.

But, the craziness doesn’t end there. Turns out, the player was none other than Guerdwich (GURD-which) Montimere, a 22 year-old U.S. naturalized citizen from Haiti. Wait, what?

Apparently, he arrived at Permian H.S. and told the athletic director, coaches and school that he was Jerry Joseph, a 16 year-old Haitian refugee. But, after leading Permian to the Division 2-5A playoffs and earning “newcomer of the year” accolades, he was busted after Florida coaches recognized him at an amatuer tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Will the real Guerdwich Montimere please stand up?

First of all, this guy looks like the second-coming of Greg Oden, in the sense that there is NO WAY he looks like 16-year-old. Do you remember what you looked like at 16? It wasn’t this.

Is this guy crazy in the head? Was he trying to spark interest from a college to recruit him (perhaps he didn’t get offers the first time around)? Was he looking for a prom date a la Lawrence Taylor? Who does this? And, coming from Florida, who picks Odessa, Texas, as their destination to play high school basketball (again!)? He must be a “Friday Night Lights” fan, although then we’re talking football and the idiot would have picked the wrong sport.

Where do these people come from? And, how ignorant is the athletic department and school in Odessa? Could it be true they were more focused on winning than looking in to this guy’s background?


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  1. eyesoftx

    It was bound to happen – the next iteration of the story had to lead Mortimere down a path like…what that’s, Lawrence Taylor!? Geez, Eyes Of TX hates being right. To bad “consensual sex” doesn’t really help him out in this case – you’re 22 years old, dude!

    More here:

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