USC Removes Bush Associations, Gives Back Heisman Trophy

The new USC athletic director, Pat Haden, and USC president-elect Max Nikias, wasted no time in following the NCAA’s guidelines on removing the school’s associations with former football star Reggie Bush and basketball standout O.J. Mayo for their violations while enrolled on campus.

In fact, it sounds as though Bush’s Heisman Trophy will not only be removed from Hertiage Hall, but it will be sent back to the Heisman Trophy Trust in NYC.

Nikias stated:

“I have instructed the senior vice president for administration to remove athletic jerseys and murals displayed in recognition of O.J. Mayo and Reggie Bush by mid-August — before the incoming class of students moves on campus — from Heritage Hall, the Galen Center, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

“Our Trojan student-athletes are indeed student first and foremost; thus the USC experience must ensure that they are nourished by and beholden to the noblest values of the academy and of society,” he said. “USC will move forward, guided by the best withing our athletic and academic heritage.”

I think someone in Nashville wouldn’t mind having the Heisman Trophy show up on his doorstep. Along with a big, “We’re sorry, we screwed up” message from the voters to boot.



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2 responses to “USC Removes Bush Associations, Gives Back Heisman Trophy

  1. Just so we’re clear, everyone does know that the one USC is shipping back is only a replica of Bush’s actual Heisman, right?

    • eyesoftx

      I know, I know Hollis. But, it’s a little glimmer of hope that the Heisman committee would do the right thing…like USC is doing for once. At least I got to enjoy the dream for a half-an-hour or so before you brought me back down to earth.

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