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Texas Men’s Basketball Hits The Hardwood

Believe it or not, while Longhorn nation has been dwelling on the end of a miserable 5-7 losing football season and the departure of several top assistant coaches, the Texas men’s basketball team has hit the court inside the Frank Erwin Center once again, beginning the season in the top 25 along with several other Big 12 teams, including (as of this posting), #3 Kansas, #6 Kansas State, #9 Baylor, #13 Missouri, #22 Texas, and #25 Texas A&M.

New 'Horns on the Hardwood: Tristan Thompson (left) and Corey Jospeth (right)

With some key, youthful additions (see also: Corey Joseph and Tristan Thompson), and some key departures (see also: Shawn Williams), head coach Rick Barnes has the ‘Horns off to a strong start, and one that hopefully won’t implode like last season. With shooting guard Jordan Hamilton back to launch three-pointers (averaging 20.0 ppg), work horse Gary Johnson continuing to lead the team in rebounding (7.6 rpg), Thompson adding his big-body presence both offensively and defensively (11.6 ppg, 2.3 bpg), and Joseph chipping in with court presence and ball handling (less than 1.0 on assists-to-turnover ratio), you have to like the game Texas brings to the court each night.

Let’s have a look at the results to-date, as well as what’s coming as we turn the calendar to 2011. The full listing of Big 12 conference schools schedules and their results can be found at Big 12 Sports.

2010-2011 Men’s Basketball Schedule/Results
Monday, Nov. 8 (ESPNU)
Texas (0-0) 83, Navy 52

Wednesday, Nov. 10 (ESPNU)
Texas (1-0) 89, Louisiana Tech 58

Thursday, Nov. 18 (ESPN2)
Texas (2-0) 90, #16 Illinois 84

Friday, Nov. 19 (ESPN2)
Texas (3-0) 66, #4 Pittsburgh 68

Tuesday, Nov. 23 (LSN)
Texas (3-1) 84, Sam Houston State 50

Saturday, Nov. 27 (LSN)
Texas (4-1) 62, Rice 59

Wednesday, Dec. 1 (LSN)
Texas (5-1) 76, Lamar 55

Sunday, Dec. 5 (FSN)
Texas (6-1) 56, USC 73

Saturday, Dec. 11 (LSN)
Texas (6-2) 101, Texas State 65

Tuesday, Dec. 14 (7:00 p.m. CT, LSN)
Texas (7-1) 70 v. North Florida 48

Saturday, Dec. 18 (3:00 p.m., CBS)
Texas (8-2) v. North Carolina

Wednesday, Dec. 22 (6:00 p.m. CT, ESPN2)
Texas v. #15 Michigan State

Friday, Dec. 31 (1:00 p.m. CT, LSN)
Texas v. Coppin State

Tuesday, Jan. 4 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPNU)
Texas v. Arkansas

Saturday, Jan. 8 (2:30 p.m. CT, ESPN)
Texas v. #4 Connecticut

Tuesday, Jan. 11 (6:00 p.m. CT, ESPN2)
Texas v. Texas Tech

Saturday, Jan. 15 (3:00 p.m. CT, Big 12 Network)
Texas v. oklahoma

Wednesday, Jan. 19 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN2)
Texas v. #25 Texas A&M

Saturday, Jan. 22 (3:00 p.m. CT, CBS)
Texas v. #3 Kansas

Wednesday, Jan. 26 (6:30 p.m. CT, ESPN or ESPN2)
Texas v. Oklahoma State

Saturday, Jan. 28 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPNU)
Texas v. #12 Missouri

Monday, Jan. 31 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN)
Texas v. #25 Texas A&M

Saturday, Feb. 5 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPNU)
Texas v. Texas Tech

Wednesday, Feb. 9 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN2)
Texas v. oklahoma

Saturday, Feb. 12 (3:00 p.m. CT, ESPN/ESPN2)
Texas v. #9 Baylor

Wednesday, Feb. 16 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN2)
Texas v. Oklahoma State

Saturday, Feb. 19 (12:30 p.m. CT, Big 12 Network)
Texas v. Nebraska

Tuesday, Feb. 22 (7:00 p.m. CT, Big 12 Network)
Texas v. Iowa State

Saturday, Feb. 26 (2:00 p.m. CT, Big 12 Network)
Texas v. Colorado

Monday, Feb. 28 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN)
Texas v. #6 Kansas State

Saturday, Mar. 5 (8:00 p.m. CT, ESPN)
Texas v. #9 Baylor

Keep an eye out for more basketball coverage in the coming weeks, especially as Texas heads in to the meat of their non-conference and conference play.


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Thoughts: Week 1 in College Football

It was an exciting five days of college football to open the 2010 season, and more frequently than not, additional beverages, food, DVR space, and beverages (and perhaps a brief nap) were needed to keep pace with the torrent of games hitting the airwaves. It was a football nirvana that exists only once a year, and that is nearly orgasmic for any college football fan…no matter your allegiances.

Before we look ahead to week two, let’s take a look at some highlights and lowlights, as well as some perspectives on the ‘Horns after their 34-17 win over Rice in Houston.

Of the “contenders,” no team lost in week one that shouldn’t have. While Virginia Tech might argue, it was clear Boise State was the better team throughout Monday’s contest. You saw it here first, Boise State will play for the BCS National Championship in January 2011.

FBS schools Jacksonville State and North Dakota State made some noise with victories over BCS conference teams Ole Miss and Kansas, respectively. Not the way Turner Gill wanted to re-load in Lawrence…give him time, though.

sooners QB Landry Jones

oklahoma struggled. And we loved every minute of their metal-row-stadium-seat-squirming in Norman. While RB Demarco Murray looked in mid-season form, QB Landry Jones played mediocre at best. If you’re Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis, the ‘Horns throw the ball on every play against the sooners and run up the score in October at the Cotton Bowl.

Don’t read much in to Oklahoma State or Texas A&M’s victories in week one. The Cowboys might as well have played the local high school’s JV team for a more competitive match-up than they had with Pac-10 bottom-dweller Washington State. And the Aggies – who did show more defensive prowess in their new 3-4 scheme than at any time in 2009’s campaign – had less rushing yards on more carries (55 carries for 192 yards) against a lesser opponent than did Texas against Rice (46 carries for 197 yards). Yep, you read right.

The Tuberville era began in Lubbock, and despite the victory, QB Taylor Potts didn’t look that spectacular and the defense was mediocre at best against SMU’s defense. All-in-all, it wasn’t a performance to write home about. What did look familiar was the half-empty stands at Jones Stadium from the third quarter through the end of the game – with the game’s outcome still in question. Time for the afternoon drunken pass out in the West Texas plains.

While Kansas State eeked out a victory over recognizable-name UCLA at home on Saturday, it was unimpressive. UCLA is dragged down by head coach Rick Neuheisel (“Hey Rick, who do you have in the national semifinals of the 2011 NCAA tourney bracket?”), so they basically don’t count. Plus, the Wildcats remain a big question mark without the legs of RB Daniel Thomas. Yep, he’s a stud.

The ‘Horns, while racking up 197 rushing yards, looked unimpressive and flat on offense. Offensive coordinator Greg Davis needs to reset fans’ expectations of the running game – it’s not going to change overnight – but it did look better than any point last year. But, it was also Rice. The defense hasn’t missed a beat – they looked solid (after the first series in a base scheme) – but need to hold on those picks for TDs. Solid, but unenthusiastic…there is work to be done. Rice is going to rebound big time from last year’s 2-10 record, they looked solid in a week one game against a top contender.

Finally, it’s 12:24 a.m. Pacific time and ou still sucks. Week two represents a big weekend for a lot of the top 25 – perhaps determining 2010 BCS legitimacy – so rest up, my legions, and get focused.

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Week 1 Game Preview: Texas Longhorns v. Rice Owls

It’s finally time for the start of the 2010 Texas Longhorn football season, and Mack Brown’s team is looking to avenge their disappointing loss in last year’s BCS National Championship. Honestly, it’s time to put it behind us. EyesOfTX will say it, though: if QB Colt McCoy hadn’t gotten hurt in Pasadena, Calif., the ‘Horns would’ve beat Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide going away. That stupid ESPN “College Gameday” commercial would have Brown bragging about his two championship rings getting in the way during Jenga. OK, done with it. For now.

A few quick notes before jumping in to week one. The 2010 off-season held a lot of question marks for this Longhorns team, as several team leaders and experience took their talents to the next level, including QB Colt McCoy (Cleveland), WR Jordan Shipley (Cincinnati), DE Sergio Kindle (Baltimore), LB Rodderick Muckelroy (Cincinnati) and S Earl Thomas (Seattle; watch this video!) to name a few. That left offensive coordinator Greg Davis (EyesOfTX’s favorite coach to hate) and defensive coordinator / future head coach / crazy man Will Muschamp with some big holes to fill. Luckily, Brown’s recruiting prowess year-in and year-out has the ‘Horns filling out the roster nicely this fall. Some of the key positions will be filled with viable young talent that has learned from watching their elders, and they will only improve as the season progresses. Isn’t that cliche and catchy? Thought so. Worked all summer on it.

Key aspects to watch in September and October will be Gilbert’s progression at quarterback (does his name remind anyone else of the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”), the “007” martini-like offensive line changes, filling the gaps in the defensive line – specifically at defensive tackle, and the using our former-star-QB-turned-running-backs-coach to find the ever-elusive running game. Who’s calling former UT great RB Ricky Williams to push grad school classes?

On a serious note, the ‘Horns are stacked with a mix of experienced talent and young hot shots that will make this season interesting – they could go undefeated, or lose up to three games. How’s that for not being decisive? The team opens the season as the #4 team in the nation according to USA Today, with some select powerhouses – Alabama, Ohio State, and Florida – ahead of them in the race to Glendale, Ariz., and the 2011 National Championship. Watch out for #5 Boise State – if they win on the road against #10 Virginia Tech in week one, and beat #24 Oregon State at home late in the season, have no one stopping them from getting on the national championship ballot come December. Hooray for small schools with blue football turf everywhere!

Texas Longhorns v. Rice Owls
2:30 p.m. CT (ESPN & ESPN HD)

Texas 48, Rice 10

Rice’s Keys To The Game:
The Owls and head coach David Bailiff (of Texas State fame) had a tough year in 2009 (Bailiff’s third season), going 2-10. While they run a spread offense – with no notable wide receivers to speak of – if they have any chance of beating Texas on Saturday, it starts with the running game and Michigan transfer and current RB Sam McGuffie. Name sound familiar? Yes, it’s the McGuffie of YouTube fame – the top RB prospect in the country a few short years ago. Haven’t seen him on film? Take 6 minutes, it’s worth it. EyesOfTX will be here when you get back. [Pause] Told you so. Unfortunately, McGuffie won’t get 100 touches in this game, which means Rice is still up a creek without a paddle, but don’t be surprised if McGuffie makes the fans gasp a time or two at Houston’s Reliant Stadium.

Rice RB Sam McGuffie

Outside of McGuffie, the Owls don’t even know who their starting quarterback will be. Junior Nick Fanuzzi is the incumbent, a dual-threat QB, but he struggled last year throwing the ball accurately. They could start Miami QB transfer Taylor Cook, a 6’7” 240-pound behemoth with a monster arm but cement for feet. Or, how about true frosh Tyler McHargue, the better of the dual-threat QBs on the roster? It’s like picking lotto numbers out of tumbler – you don’t know what you’re going to get. Surely, Muschamp had fun writing out this week’s defensive schemes.

If the Owls offense is anemic without a running game, then the defense isn’t much better. They were 117th out of 120 teams last year in total defense, and gave up the most points per game – 43 – of any team in the country in 2009. In a 4-2-5 scheme, with four down lineman, two linebackers, and five defensive backs, they’ll play to Texas strength (passing game), but get brutalized by Texas’ punishing ground attack. Like how that was set up?

Texas’ Keys To The Game:
Let’s be clear – Texas can drop way more than 48 points on Rice. But, they won’t. On purpose. Per the commentary the fans have heard all off-season, this game is all about clock control and the to-date-non-existent Texas running game. Stop messing with you, right? Honestly, prepare to be David-ized – “is this real life?” You won’t believe what you see. Rumors have it that Cody Johnson will start at RB for the ‘Horns after dropping virtually no weight, but changing that fat to muscle and becoming a fast as all get-out, extremely conditioned athlete in the off-season. Texas rolls for more than 200 yards rushing on Saturday.

Texas QB Garrett Gilbert

Expect to see “experienced” QB Garrett Gilbert come out firing too, though. Reports have it that he threw only one interception in all of fall ball. Against what is being touted as the best defensive backfield in the country in 2010. Plus, he’s able to make throws that McCoy just couldn’t – I’m referring to downfield, of course. You’ll see more (gasp!) I-formation, with (gasp!) Gilbert under center, and (gasp!) a fullback…er, H-back. Promise. Although the offensive line was juggled around in the off-season, the starters are solid contributors with some experience under their belt. And, they’re finally being asked to fire off the ball in run blocking schemes, so they shouldn’t be a bunch of gigantic pansies blocking for the zone read as in year’s past. They want to go knock someone over. Preferably two.

The wide receiving core is re-tooled as well, but Brown has recruited well at the position, and after 7-on-7 drills this summer it sounds like WR Malcolm Williams found some consistency. He’ll be the scoring threat, with cohorts John Chiles and James Kirkendoll holding down the fort, and the quickness of D.J. Monroe or Marquis Goodwin adding sub-4.4 speed. Expect to see youth get some playing time here – the ‘Horns are deep on talent on the edge.

Defensively, this could be the year that no one forgets. Brown is already saying this could be his best unit ever at Texas. When you had the #1, #3, #4, and #8 defenses in the country in the last few years under Greg Robinson, Gene Chizik, and Will Muschamp, that’s hard to believe. We do know this – the secondary will be lights out…a perfect compliment to the offensive schemes of most Big 12 teams they’ll play. The defensive ends stay the same, with All-American talent and a lot of young studs to add depth. The tackle spot is a question mark, but some guys have stepped up this fall to fill the void. Linebackers will be lethal again this year too, although you’ll see one new name at starter on the weak side – Dravannti Johnson.

Let’s start the season off on the right foot – go get ‘em ‘Horns! Hook ‘em!

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Texas Adds to 2011, 2012 Football Schedule

The University of Texas football team continues to add to its future schedules, most recently locking down additional non-conference games for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons. In addition, Mack Brown & Co. have been tweaking the conference schedule, similar to the 2009-2010 season when the ‘Horns faced Texas Tech in the third game and had a non-conference game later in the season.

The new scheduling changes, which build on the ‘Horns previous announcement of non-conference additions for later in the decade, include:

September 10, 2011
Texas v. BYU
Texas is 0-2 against BYU, having played them in 1987 and 1988.
BYU has won at least 10 games in each of the past four years.

September 8, 2012
Texas v. University of Texas-El Paso
UT has beaten UTEP all four times the teams have played, most recently, the past two seasons.

Other notable schedule tweaks/commitments, include:

  • The ‘Horns will play their first game of the 2010 season on the road (the first time since 1995), against Rice, at Reliant Stadium in Houston.
  • The game against Texas Tech, in Lubbock, has been moved to September 18, 2010, for TV purposes. Thus, Texas will play Florida Atlantic (originally scheduled for that date) to November 20, 2010.
  • For 2010, the Longhorns will have a second straight season without a bye week prior to the Texas A&M game.
  • For the next two years (2010, 2011), the Texas A&M game will occur on Thanksgiving.
  • Texas will face UCLA, in Los Angeles, on September 17, 2011 – a week after the BYU game.
  • Texas will face Mississippi, in Oxford, on September 15, 2012 – a week after the UTEP game.
  • The Longhorns have one more open date during the 2012 season that they are looking to secure a team to play.

The Longhorns full schedule, for 2010 and future seasons (as they stand today), can be found here.


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Recap: Week 2 in Big 12 Football

Big 12 Conference LogoWow, it was another big weekend to forget in Big 12 football last Saturday. Big time upsets, a few scares, and some teams maintaining their focus and continuing their string of non-conference wins. In fact, it’s only been two weeks, and the Big 12 is already being considered the most overrated conference in all of college football – ESPN has an interesting segment arguing the conference’s value at this point in the game. For the record, Eyes of TX would never hire Lou Holtz to represent the Big 12 – can you even understand him? – no wonder he gets taken to task by Mark May. Thanks, ESPN.

Let’s take a quick look back at week two in the Big 12 football.

Baylor Bears
Bye week. Can the Bears continue their good start this week in their first home game of the 2009 season? Connecticut has been one of the better teams in the Big East over the past few years, although their starting quarterback is out for this game in Waco, which is expected to bring more than 40,000 Bear fanatics to the season-opener. No dancing allowed, though. Next up: Connecticut (1-1)

Colorado 38 v. Toledo 54
The story in Boulder just keeps getting worse for head coach Dan Hawkins. Playing for the second time in five days, the Buffaloes looked horrendous against the Rockets. The Buffs defense gave up a whooping 624 yards of offense, more than 300 in both passing and rushing. Watching this game, it shouldn’t have even been this close – the Rockets thought they had it sealed at halftime, and Colorado crept back in to the game before the Rockets exploded for more points in the second half. The rushing game continues to be a struggle, only 95 yards the entire game, but running back Darrell Scott accounted for 85 of those yards on 12 carries, all in the first half. To their credit, the Buffs were throwing the ball trying to catch up all game. Think Hawkins might be out as coach next season? Don’t be so sure – former coach Dan McCarthy stepped up to defend Hawkins this week, and the cash-strapped CU athletic budget might not allow for a buy-out. Next up: Wyoming (1-1)

Iowa State 3 v. Iowa 35
Apparently the Hawkeyes got their wake-up call last week when they nearly lost to Northern Iowa. And, playing for the annual CyHawk trophy, the Cyclones were outplayed in this game from the start, and turnovers played a huge role in the result, as Iowa hawked five INTs in the game, four from starting quarterback Austen Arnaud and one from back-up Jerome Tiller. All told, the Cyclones only culled together 303 yards of offense. A tough loss for Iowa State, but they should be able to get back on track next week against Kent State, especially with a freshman quarterback expected to start for the Golden Flash. With a tough road schedule in 2009, this could be the Cyclones only chance for a road win this season. Next up: @ Kent State (1-1)

Kansas 34 v. UTEP 7
Who knew? The Jayhawks defense showed up in a big way in El Paso, and held the Miners to seven first downs on the game, only four yards rushing, and kept them scoreless until late in the 4th quarter. While quarterback Todd Reesing was 25-of-41 for 260 yards, with one TD and one INT, it was the KU running game that surprised coach Mike Price’s UTEP team this week, as senior running back Jake Sharp accounted for 104 yards and two TDs on only 16 carries to lead the Jayhawks to another solid victory. The return of suspended wide receiver Dezmond Briscoe didn’t hurt either, as he notched 8 catches for 154 yards on the day. This week, Reesing faces the only other D-I football program to offer him a scholarship – Duke – and he should have no trouble showing the Blue Devils how his SAT scores have helped him command the KU offense. Next up: Duke (1-1)

Kansas State 15 v. Louisiana-Lafayette 17
Ouch. While several Big 12 teams lost last weekend, this could be the most embarrassing. Wildcats coach Bill Snyder might be writing his own team’s obituary before his own. Despite outgaining the Ragin’ Cajuns by almost 100 yards on the day, the KSU defense gave up a late, 42-yard field goal for the win – the first of the Ragin’ Cajuns junior kicker’s career. Wow. Wildcats running back Daniel Thomas continues to be the highlight of Synder’s offense, as he rushed for 136 yards and one TD on 27 carries. With the resurgence of UCLA in the Pac-10, and head coach Rick Neuheisal leading the charge in L.A., you can bet (sorry, Rick) that the Wildcats are in for another tough ride this weekend. Next up: @ UCLA (2-0)

Missouri 27 v. Bowling Green 20
After looking amazing in his first career start, Tigers quarterback Blaine Gabbert struggled in week two against Bowling Green, but managed to finally get things on track in the second half to lead Mizzou to the win in Columbus. Behind 20-6 in the third quarter, the Tigers’ offense picked up behind the strong running effort of Derrick Washington who had 120 yards on 23 carries, and one TD. Can you believe this stat – Bowling Green had more passing yards than Missouri. Yep, it’s true. Even the Tigers’ punter got used seven times on Saturday, after being used only 26 times all of last season. Gabbert’s still got some growing up to do, but fans can see the potential, and that should once again be on showcase this weekend against lowly Furman. Next up: Furman (2-0)

Nebraska 38 v. Arkansas State 9
Granted, it was Arkansas State, but the Nebraska offense looked unstoppable on Saturday, as the Cornhusker scored on five of their first 6 possessions to take 24-6 lead at halftime. Quarterback Zac Lee continues to impress, as he completed 27-of-35 passes for 340 yards and four TDs, completing passes to 11 different receivers. It’s funny, now, to think of Nebraska as a wishbone offense back in the day. Nebraska seems to be clicking on all cylinders, although they’ll get their biggest test this weekend at Virginia Tech. Next up: @ Virginia Tech (1-1)

oklahoma 64 v. Idaho State 0
Well, something sure clicked in Norman since week one. With stars Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham out, freshman quarterback Landry Jones used his work with the first team offense to absolutely decimate the Bengals in week two. Jones threw for 286 yards and three TDs – all to wide receiver Ryan Broyles – as ou put this game away early in the first half. The stout sooners defense held Idaho State to minus-2 yards in the first half, and only 44 yards of offense on the day, and the Bengals never made it past ou’s 49-yard line in the game. Running back Demarco Murray also rushed for 101 yards on 12 carries, scoring two TDs. The re-tooled offensive lane appears to be working for coach Bob Stoops in week two, but they will have a tougher test against one of the most proficient offenses in NCAA football the last few years in the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes this Saturday. Next up: Tulsa (2-0)

Oklahoma State 35 v. Houston 45
Whoops. Someone forgot to tell Oklahoma State that they play more than one game in a season. After defeating former #13 Georgia in week one, the Cowboys looked flat all game against the potent Cougars offense, which racked up 512 yards on the day, behind quarterback Case Keenum’s 366 yards passing. ‘Pokes quarterback Zac Robinson, on the other hand, threw for only 240 yards, including a TD and INT on the day. In addition, the Cowboys lost starting running back Kendall Hunter for the game in the second quarter, and standout wide receiver Dez Bryant also suffered through cramps all day while accounting for 85 yards on five catches. All told, the Cougars outplayed the ‘Pokes on their home turf (with a little luck to go along with their courageous play), and the Sports Illustrated cover jinx continued this week in Stillwater. Head coach Mike Gundy finally has a chance to get his team in rhythm and on track this week against Rice, and with a few key victories could bring the ‘Pokes back in to the top 10 by season’s end. Next up: Rice (0-2)

Texas 41 v. Wyoming 10
So, the altitude WAS an issue. In front of the third biggest city in all of Wyoming (the stadium) last Saturday, thriving at more than 7,000 feet above sea level, the Cowboys and their fans were jacked up and ready to play – and it was very evident from the get-go that the ‘Horns were either flat or pushing too hard, looking miserable in the first half on the offensive side of the ball. Thankfully, the defense showed up ready to play and basically pitched a shut-out as Wyoming only put points on the board after Texas special team’s mistakes – a blocked punt for TD and a missed fake punt conversion. Quarterback Colt McCoy turned it on the second half, and ended up 30-for-47 for 337 yards, three TDS, and an INT. While wide receiver James Kirkendoll might have led the team in receiving yards, it was the play of tight end/flex receiver Dan Buckner that raised some eyebrows in Laramie. Buckner ended the day with six catches for 86 yards and a TD, and it appears he has adapted to the position and has become a go-to outlet for McCoy. The defense really was the story of the game, giving the ‘Horns a chance going in to the second half, as they held Wyoming to 273 yards of total offense. This week, the ‘Horns secondary gets their big test against head coach Mike Leach’s lethal spread offense. Can the ‘Horns overcome last year’s disappointment – it’s the question everyone wants answered. ESPN’s College Gameday will be in town for the early season conference match-up. Next up: Texas Tech (2-0)

Texas A&M Aggies
Bye week. This year’s Big 12 mystery team suits up for their second game on Saturday against Utah State. After a big win in week one against New Mexico, the Aggies need to show they’re not a one-show circus. Quarterback Jerrod Johnson looks much more comfortable this year in the pocket, and the running game behind freshman Christine Michael looks solid. Two in a row, Ags? Yell practice might be paying off in College Station. Next up: Utah State (0-1)

Texas Tech 55 v. Rice 10
Has there ever been a quarterback that has thrown 10 TDs in a game? And, if not, has head coach Mike Leach called the Guinness Book of World Records to have them come to town for the fireworks? Geez. Well, the Red Raiders got their offense on track in week two, as quarterback Taylor Potts nearly tied a school record for TDs thrown with seven against the struggling Owls. With three quarterbacks playing for Rice, the Owls couldn’t get much of an offensive rhythm, managing only 257 yards on the day. Potts’ ended the day with 456 yards, and he completed passes to 13 different wide receivers, including his high school teammate Lyle Leong, who caught three TD strikes. The defense looked solid, but not remarkable – especially after losing NFL talent off the defensive line since last year. Once again, Potts didn’t have to deal with any pass rush, and it will be interesting to see how Potts reacts under pressure from the front seven and his first road game in a hostile environment in Austin. Next up: @ Texas (2-0)


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Other Texas-state Football Week 1 Recaps

In addition to the Big 12 Conference’s opening weekend of football, here are the outcomes of other Texas-state football squads that opened their 2009-2010 campaign over the Labor Day holiday, as well as what teams they’ll be facing this Saturday.

Conference USA

Conference USA
Houston 55 v. Northwestern State 7
It’s like Andre Ware was back in red and white! Houston quarterback Case Keenum completed 23 of 30 passes for 359 yards, four TDs, and no picks to absolutely demolish the demons. No need to run when you can throw, as the Cougars racked up 91 yards rushing. Can their pass-happy offense stand up to Okie State’s stout defense? We’ll find out Saturday.
Next up: @ Oklahoma State (1-0)

Rice 24 v. Alabama-Birmingham 44
The Owls defense got taken to the barn on Saturday, to the tune of 516 yards of UAB offense, in their opening game loss. Rice gave up 295 yards rushing and 221 yards through the air – not a good sign going to Lubbock next week – and the Owls look undecided at quarterback between Nick Fanuzzi (12/20, 154 yards, 1 TD) and John Thomas Sheperd (10/22, 81 yards, 1 INT).
Next up: @ Texas Tech (1-0)

Southern Methodist (SMU) 31 v. Stephen F. Austin (SFA) 23
SMU scrapes by, as the Mustangs scored on fourth-and-one with 7 minutes to play to overcome a 9-point deficit and win their home opener. Running back Shawnbrey McNeal looked solid, rushing for 158 yards on 19 carries and accounting for one TD, while quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell (could this be the second best Texas-state quarterback name behind Texas’ Colt McCoy?) completed 23 of 45 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown.
Next up: Alabama-Birmingham (1-0)

Texas El-Paso (UTEP) 17 v. Buffalo 23
Even though UTEp outgained the Bulls on offense, Buffalo was efficient and capitalized on UTEP mistakes to take the lead in the second quarter and hold on for the win in west Texas. UTEP quarterback Trevor Vittatoe threw 45 attempts, completing 27, for 233 yards but no TDs.
Next up: Kansas (1-0)

Mountain West Conference
Mountain West Conference
Texas Christian (TCU) – no game in week one
Next up: @ Virginia (0-1)

Southland Conference
Southland Conference
Sam Houston State 28 v. Western Illinois 35
One yard. One measly yard – and a bit of pass defense by SHS – and this game potentially ends differently. SHS drove to the WIU 1-yard line with 21 seconds to play, down by seven, but couldn’t score on three straight plays to end the game and the Leathernecks pull out the victory in Huntsville. Just criminal, if you know what we mean.
Next up: North Dakota State (0-1)

Stephen F. Austin (SFA) 23 v. Southern Methodist (SMU) 31
A tough night defensively for the Lumberjacks, as SFA had more total yards of offense than the Mustangs (460 to 355) but couldn’t come out with a win. Quarterback Jeremy Moses threw 52 times for 391 yards and 2 TDs, but also completed five passes to the Mustangs for INTs.

By the way, who the heck is SFA’s next opponent – Texas College? The Steers have no logo and play only five football games on the year (wrap it up in October) – watch out, Texas College, Kansas State’s Bill Snyder might come calling next year.
Next up: @ Texas College (0-1)

Texas State 48 v. Angelo State 28
Texas State quarterback Bradley George threw for 328 yards and three TDs in the win, while the Bobcats racked up 463 yards in total offense.
Next up: Bye

Sun Belt Conference
Sun Belt Conference
North Texas 20 v. Ball State 10
North Texas put up 512 yards of offense on the road for the win, including quarterback Riley Dodge’s 216 yards passing and one TD, as well as 296 yards on the ground from Cam Montgomery, Dodge, and Lance Dunbar.
Next up: Ohio (0-1)

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2009-2010 Other Texas-state Football Schedules

In addition to the Big 12 Conference schools, here are additional 2009-2010 football schedules for major universities Houston, North Texas, Rice, Sam Houston State, Southern Methodist (SMU), Stephen F. Austin, Texas Christian (TCU), Texas State, and Texas El-Paso (UTEP).

As with the Big 12 Conference games, TV coverage and unannounced game times will be updated throughout the year – check back here, or contact your local cable provider for more details.

Conference USA (link)
Houston Cougars
9/5 Northwestern State
9/12 @ Oklahoma State
9/26 Texas Tech (ESPN2, ESPN360)
10/3 @ Texas-El Paso
10/10 @ Mississippi State
10/17 @ Tulane
10/24 Southern Methodist
10/31 Southern Mississippi
11/7 @ Tulsa
11/14 @ Central Florida
11/21 Memphis
11/28 Rice

Rice Owls
9/5 @ Alabama-Birmingham
9/12 @ Texas Tech
9/19 @ Oklahoma State
9/26 Vanderbilt
10/3 Tulsa
10/10 Navy
10/17 @ East Carolina
10/24 Central Florida
11/7 @ Southern Methodist
11/14 Tulane
11/21 Texas-El Paso
11/28 @ Houston

Southern Methodist (SMU)
9/5 Stephen F. Austin
9/12 Alabama-Birmingham
9/19 @ Washington State
10/3 @ Texas Christian
10/10 East Carolina
10/17 Navy
10/24 @ Houston
10/31 @ Tulsa
11/7 Rice
11/14 Texas-El Paso
11/21 @ Marshall
11/28 Tulane

Texas-El Paso (UTEP)
9/5 Buffalo
9/12 Kansas
9/19 @ New Mexico (ESPN360)
9/26 @ Texas
10/3 Houston
10/10 @ Memphis
10/21 Tulsa
10/31 Alabama-Birmingham
11/7 @ Tulane
11/14 @ Southern Methodist
11/21 @ Rice
11/28 Marshall

Mountain West Conference (link)
Texas Christian (TCU)
9/12 @ Virginia (ESPNU)
9/19 Texas State
9/26 @ Clemson
10/3 Southern Methodist
10/10 @ Air Force
10/17 Colorado State
10/24 @ Brigham Young
10/31 UNLV
11/7 @ San Diego State
11/14 Utah
11/21 @ Wyoming
11/28 New Mexico

Southland Conference (link)
Sam Houston State
9/3 Western Illinois
9/12 North Dakota State
9/26 @ Tulsa
10/3 St. Joseph’s
10/10 Nicholls State
10/17 @ Southeastern Louisiana
10/24 @ Stephen F. Austin
10/31 Northwestern State
11/7 @ McNeese State
11/14 Central Arkansas
11/21 @ Texas State

Stephen F. Austin
9/5 @ Southern Methodist
9/19 @ Western Illinois
9/26 North Dakota
10/10 McNeese State
10/17 @ Central Arkansas
10/24 Sam Houston State
10/31 @ Texas State
11/7 Nicholls State
11/14 @ Southeastern Louisiana
11/21 @ Northwestern State

Texas State
9/5 Angelo State
9/19 @ Texas Christian
9/26 Texas Southern
10/3 @ Southern Utah
10/10 Southern Louisiana
10/17 @ Nicholls State
10/24 @ Northwestern State
10/31 Stephen F. Austin
11/7 @ Central Arkansas
11/14 McNeese State
11/21 Sam Houston State

Sun Belt Conference (link)
North Texas
9/3 @ Ball State (ESPNU)
9/12 Ohio
9/19 @ Alabama (ESPN360)
9/26 Middle Tennessee State
10/10 @ Louisiana-Lafayette
10/17 Florida Atlantic
10/24 @ Troy
10/31 Western Kentucky
11/7 Louisiana-Monroe
11/14 @ Florida Int’l
11/21 Army
11/28 @ Arkansas State

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