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Stillwater’s Still Swingin’

Downtown Stillwater, Okla.

Good ‘ol Stillwater, Oklahoma. It’s a place where the land is flat, the dirt is red, there is an Eskimo named Joe, and the air smells of cow flatulence. Yeah, I bet those Pac-10 schools are really missing out on having Oklahoma State right about now. 

Especially when it’s a town where current DE Jamie Blatnik was using beer bottles to smash in former teammate Stephen Denning’s orbital cavity – and that kind of activity becomes customary. It’s lawlessness in the streets a la the OK Corral! Luckily, the Pokes have a man associated with the program that stands up for them, and right about now, head coach Mike Gundy is telling the media to pick on himhe’s a man…and perhaps suggesting that Blatnick should’ve used a bar stool instead of a beer bottle if he really wanted to be a gentleman. 


Eyes of TX wants to know two things: 1) did Denning say Blatnik smelled too good or insult his cow herd; and, 2) what on earth is Denning doing back in Stillwater more than 2 years after he wrapped up his time for the team? Calling all “Dazed And Confused” Wooderson wannabes!


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