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Preparing for Texas v. ou Weekend

It’s that weekend. The time for the trek to Dallas, Texas, and the Texas State Fair – the site of the Cotton Bowl and the annual Red River Rivalry. This year, let’s hope Texas has picked up the pieces from the UCLA game and found themselves some football players. Otherwise, Saturday’s going to get real ugly, real fast.

The following came across EyesOfTX’s inbox this week, and it was worth sharing. The validity of the original author is in question, but I believe it to be one Brian Smith – if so, here is his shout-out. Thanks for the memories, and the laughs.

EyesOfTX, or Brian for that matter, are in no way responsible for your game day behavior. Consider this your pre-game checklist.

1) Stick to the fundamentals early in the week when preparing for the TX/ou game on Saturday. Clean the flask, study the spread, talk some early trash, but stay focused. Make any bets early…alcohol and emotion are sure ways to get your ass in a bind around kickoff. I recommend locating your game tickets now and handing them over to someone less emotionally involved. Try not to get drunk before Thursday…if you peak too early in the week, you might leave your edge in a bar and not have it when you need it come game day.

2) Suspend all health-related activities at least 10 days prior to kickoff. The last thing you need is a clean system going into the fairgrounds. Prepare for the onslaught of sugar, carbs and alcohol that awaits you on Saturday. Have a pizza. You want to be concerned with your team’s ability to stop the runs, not your own.

3) Get as absolutely hammered as you can on Friday night. I recommend meeting with some buddies early for happy hour and getting so drunk that you are late for your dinner reservations or even miss them all together. If you want to take it up a notch, don’t call your wife or girlfriend to tell her where you are or answer her calls while she is trying to find you. This will obviously piss her off something fierce, but she is going to get pissed off sometime during the weekend anyway…so set the tone early and get it over with. Look at it as helping prepare her for how it’s going to be on Saturday when you are again so sh^t faced you can’t see and spend the entire day completely ignoring her.

4) Get to the fair as early as you possibly can, no matter what time the game kicks off. This won’t be easy. You wife or girlfriend is not as stupid as you would like she might to be. The earlier you get there, the drunker you will be when she tricks you into leaving that night and she knows it. Trying to justify the need to arrive 6 hours before kickoff will require you to have a plan. Your significant other will want to shower and get ready because she thinks it’s important to look cute. She will talk about all the people she will see that day that she hasn’t seen in a long time. If you want to leave for the game at 9:00 a.m., tell her 8:30 a.m….that way you will at least be on the road by 9:15 a.m. You can make up the difference on the drive down. Yes, she will b^tch about your driving too fast, but the extra 15 minutes of drinking before the game will be worth it.

5) Upon arrival at the fair, immediately do the following:
a) Estimate how many coupons it would take to feed and entertain the Huxstable’s, the Brady’s and the Walton’s for an entire day at the fair….then buy double that amount. It will seem like way too much, but it won’t be. Hey, let’s face it – you and your buddies are going to be drinking a lot more than Peter Brady and John Boy Walton, so buck up.

b) Find a bathroom somewhere off the beaten path and show it to your significant other. This will save you from having to do it 27 times later.

c) Get your S.O. a corndog. You know she wants one, hell you probably do too. The line is as short as it is going to be all day, so get it over with.

6) Ignore your S.O. She expects it and will make you pay later anyway, so you might as well take advantage. This is the one day a year when you get a free pass to act like an idiot with other idiots with free passes from their S.O.’s. I truly think that is why TX/ou is at the fairgrounds. Our S.O.’s bring us there inside the fence and unhook the leash so we can runaround like idiots marking our territory. They sit and talk to each other and watch to make sure we don’t run out a gate and into traffic. If you did what you were suppose to with 3a and 3b, then you have fulfilled your obligation as a husband or boyfriend…..after that, it’s about beer and football with your buddies.

7) When you get to your seats at the game, introduce yourself and apologize to all those around you for things you are going to do and say later. Tell them that you tend to get emotional and scream things during the game that are not always pleasant. They will laugh uncomfortably and think you are kidding, only to realize later, when the game starts, that you weren’t. It makes them feel like they can’t really say anything, because you already said you were sorry. After last year, people in my section were convinced I had Tourette’s Syndrome, so I just went with it. Look for children…warn the parents before they learn the hard way that the “F” word can be used as a noun, verb and adjective…all in the same sentence.

8 ) Be prepared for the fact that some people don’t realize the importance of this game. Write them off to being imbeciles and move on. Use verbal assaults disguised as compliments to fulfill any psycho rage thing you have working. The TVs in jail are tough to see and none of your buddies are going to give up their S.O. free pass to leave and come get you out of jail, so fighting should be as a last resort only. Besides, you are not near as tough as you think you are.


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Week 4 Game Preview: Texas Longhorns v. UCLA Bruins

Was anyone else stressed out last Saturday? The referees seemed to try to steal the game from the ‘Horns for much of the night, but the defense stepped up in a big way and kept the offense in the game until it was time to catch the plane home. For the ‘Horns, it was the first hurdle in a challenging 4-game stretch that includes the Red Raiders, UCLA Bruins, #8 oklahoma sooners, and #6 Nebraska Cornhuskers. Write in down in the books – Texas moves to 4-3 in the Mack Brown era in Lubbock. And, EyesOfTX’s prediction that Texas Tech QB Taylor Potts would be “injured” at some point in last week’s game comes to fruition.

On to week 4, let’s get to it…

Texas Longhorns v. UCLA Bruins
2:30 p.m. CT (ABC)

Texas 35, UCLA 14

We remember, don’t we Texas fans? It doesn’t matter that both coaches weren’t in their respective coaching positions yet. It doesn’t matter that most of the players in this weekend’s game were 70-pound youngsters the last time these two powerhouses saw each other on the playing field. The score was 66-3. And the ‘Horns weren’t on the winning end of that debacle.

It’s time for redemption. Longhorn fans have waited too long for it, and it’s finally here. It’s time to show UCLA why they’re lucky the ‘Horns didn’t venture West this off-season in the conference realignment. It’s time to jump to 4-0, and get “right” before the showdown in Dallas in October.

UCLA’s Keys To The Game:
In uncharacteristic fashion for a West coast team not named Oregon, this match-up is all about the running game for UCLA. While the Bruins return an experienced QB in Kevin Prince, he won’t be the one to watch on Saturday. After all, in 3 games, Prince has only thrown for 258 yards (or, 86 yards per game), one TD, and – count ‘em – four INTs. Not the stats you want from the field general when trying to run a balanced offense. In fact, even going in to last weekend, Prince’s job was up for grabs – and he won it back. Not sure what that says about head coach Rick Neuheisal and offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s recruiting in SoCal, but I’ll venture a guess – it sucks.

UCLA RB Johnathan Franklin

Instead, all eyes will be on the two guys that will share carries and line-up in Chow’s “pistol” formation – Johnathan Franklin and Malcolm Jones. The pistol is basically the zone read formation that Texas has “enjoyed” for several years, but instead of lining up next to the QB, the RBs line-up behind the QB. This allows the backs to getting a running start before getting to the line of scrimmage and thus hitting the gaps the offensive line creates with a full head of steam. Can you imagine that? Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis can’t. Franklin (291 yards, three TDs) and Jones (101 yards) will be the keys to UCLA controlling the clock, wearing down the interior of the Texas defense, and keeping Texas’ offense off the field while scoring points.

The Bruins defense – at least on paper – doesn’t look that great. But, don’t be fooled. The secondary can more then hold their own, as can their very physical linebackers, but what those position players bring to the table is off-set by a less than stellar defensive line that can’t help their back seven by putting pressure on the QB or stop the running game. The defense ranks near the bottom of Division I schools in stopping the running game, but this early in the season, it’d be easy to argue that their first game of the year against Kansas State’s Daniel Thomas didn’t help pad their run defense stats. That being said, the opposite will likely be true on Saturday, as the ‘Horns offense can’t put any semblance of a running game together through September. If the Bruins defensive line can’t stop the Texas running attack (can we even call it that?), and then force QB Garrett Gilbert to force throws or make bad decisions, it’s going to be a long day for a secondary who actually does a credible job of holding opponents to a mere 155 yards through the air.

Texas’ Keys To The Game:
It’s a flip of the switch for Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp’s boys this week. Whereas last week the ‘Horns ran a nickel package with an extra defensive back on the field to corral all of Tech’s wide receivers, this week is all about loading up the box and stopping the power running game from the boys in baby blue. The Texas LBs and defensive line – namely that rotation of defensive tackles and defensive-ends-turned-defensive-tackles holding down the center of the line of scrimmage – will have their hands full with Franklin and Jones, but they can’t sit back in third-and-long situations either, as they need to force Prince to throw in to Texas’ highly-touted defensive backfield.

On offense, the ‘Horns need to eliminate some errors – namely, stupid penalties, dropped passes, and turnovers. The coaches and fans alike want to see any kind of consistency in the offensive line’s run blocking, more consistency from the wide receivers corps as a whole, and see Gilbert making smart decisions with the football. The Texas offense is still adjusting to a new QB and offensive scheme, and it’s the last week to test things out and open up the game a bit more than they have before the sooners become top of mind. Repetition and mental acuity are key. Forget about fried Oreos and turkey legs at the Texas State Fair, because next week’s match-up won’t matter if the ‘Horns don’t win this week.

Overall, Texas should win this game going away. The ‘Horns might not score 60 points on Saturday – or hell, in any game this season – but the defense will remain an elite unit, giving the offense time to get settled, and every single player on the burnt orange sideline will battle it out for four quarters. With focus and effort at every position, improvements can be made, and victories are had. Even Neuheisal would bank on that.

Hook ‘em!

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Game Preview: Texas Longhorns v. oklahoma sooners


Saturday, October 17
11:00a Central

It’s here. The Red River Rivalry. It’s Texas/o-Who? weekend at the Texas State Fair Grounds in Dallas, and “Big Tex” will groan from his pedestal that this year’s contest will once again pit two highly-competitive Big 12 football teams on the gridiron. It’s sure to be another doozy in Dallas.

There is the potential to ramble on for weeks (and 364 bragging days after) about this game, but no matter what words fill this space, the blood and guts spilled at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday will be worth all the glory to the winner.

Although o-Who? has lost two non-conference games already this season, they remain in the hunt for the Big 12 South title if they can win on Saturday – what would amount to a key win in an otherwise somber beginning to the season. Texas, on the other hand, marks this as a “must-win” on the calendar, as the ‘Horns are chasing redemption for last year’s duping in both the Big 12 and the BCS championships. o-Who? quarterback Sam Bradford has returned from his shoulder injury, and Texas fans are still waiting to see the 2008 Colt McCoy show up at quarterback for the Longhorns. Despite those storylines, this game shapes up to be a defensive battle – two high-profile offenses against two stout defenses, as both teams rank in the top 10 nationally in defense, Texas at #4 and o-Who? at #9. While the running game remains lost for the ‘Horns, o-Who? brings two legit running backs to table – and, the team who rules the running game usually wins this game, despite the aerial assault by both squads.

Eyes Of TX will defer to the inundation of Red River Rivalry coverage in the media this week to help tell the story this week.

To be clear, Eyes Of TX has absolutely no love for the crimson and cream, “BCS Bob” Stoops, “boomer sooner,” pop guns, land thieves, Ruf/Neks, or schooners. It’s game day, and it’s safe to say: “It’s 2:21a PT, and o-Who? still sucks.”

Let’s make it four out of the last five, ‘Horns!

This Week
Eyes Of TX’s Prediction
Texas 20, o-Who? 14

Red River Rivalry
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Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown

Texas Longhorns' head coach Mack Brown

Texas Longhorns (5-0)
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o-Who? head coach Bob Stoops

o-Who? head coach Bob Stoops

o-Who? sooners (3-2)
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Pre-game Resources
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Hook ‘em!

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